How to Detect My Dog has Fleas and What are the Treatments?

Fleas really are an issue for puppies along with their users equally. These tiny insects will live on your body of your own dog, sucking the animal’s bloodstream and laying eggs. The bites and appearance of fleas may cause the dog to itch and in case the dog is actually sensitive to fleas (the allergic reaction is technically for the insect’s saliva) it can practical experience severe itching, lack of fur in a few areas, inflammation, and infection.

Regardless of whether the dog has an allergy to flea saliva, infestations has to be addressed or they will likely go on and on as well as the fleas may also infest your home, other domestic pets, and can even live on people. In short you could be directly and adversely afflicted with an uncontrolled flea invasion.

Detecting Fleas:

If you suspect that your dog has fleas because it is been damaging more than usual, it is possible to look for their existence. Fleas are extremely tiny (about an eighth of the ” long), but obvious for the naked eye, and brownish in color. Since they choose darkish locations, they are going to make an effort to hide under the dog’s fur, beneath the collar, or in the underbelly.

Their fecal substance may also be observed in the dog’s layer and looks like numerous black flecks or specks almost like pepper. If fleas or their waste are normally found it really is time for you to take care of your puppy to get rid of them.

Treating Your Dog for Fleas:

While flea collars and powders, and sprays can help to prevent infestations to some degree, they will likely not support in the event the dog has already been plagued. When fleas are infesting a dog the female lays eggs at a rate of around thirty per day. These eggs drop off of the dog and into the carpeting and earth, or where ever your pet might be.

During these areas they hatch and pupate, at some point expanding into grownup fleas which may then re-infest the dog. In order to halt the period all of the fleas in the dog and then in the surroundings has to be killed or even the lifestyle cycle must be disturbed.

There are several flea treatment options readily available for pet dogs at Pet Express, but one of the best is an oral treatment that will not eliminate grownup fleas, but does kill the chicken eggs and larva. This interrupts the flea life routine and prevents them from coming back again, as long as the dog will not be continually exposed to new fleas. If that is happening, the source should be washed of fleas whether it be the carpet, the surroundings, or some other puppies with which your pet associates.

Fleas can be quite a real nuisance for puppies as well as their owners, but catching them and treating the dog quickly is key to eliminating the infestation and preventing the bugs return.

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