Bearded Dragon Vivarium

A bearded dragon vivarium is a home for your beardie. It’s where your bearded dragon will spend most of it’s time, so it should be comfortable and spacious. Choosing a vivarium carefully will not only help you find a good fit for your own home but it will also give the bearded dragon its own territory that it can feel at home in. Your bearded dragon will need a decent sized vivarium of at least 4 foot in length. However, the more space you can give your bearded dragon the happier it will be.

The Perfect Terrarium For your Bearded Dragon

The word ‘vivarium’ is simply a fancy word that means a house for your pet. You’ll often see the word ‘terrarium’ used to describe a glass tank that houses non-aquatic pets.  If we could recommend one bearded dragon vivarium, it would be the zen habitats. It has lots of great reviews which immediately is a no-brainier.  The glass dual doors give easy access to your bearded dragon and has a lock to secure your bearded dragon doesn’t escape. The terrarium itself comes in a many different shapes and sizes to suit your own needs.

The terrarium has a raise floor to allow a substrate heater to be placed underneath. The background is a natural looking rock structure that provides an aesthetically natural habitat for your bearded dragon. It also has a removable stainless steel top cover to make it really easy to take off for feeding your bearded dragon bugs, fruits and vegetables.

It really is a well thought out structure that is sturdy enough to be the only home your bearded dragon will ever need. In that respect, it’s great value for money. Some terrariums aren’t quite the quality that a breaded dragon needs and will make both of your lives more difficult in the long run. A poor quality vivarium may also so you buying twice in your bearded dragon’s lifetime. And like they always say; ” if you buy cheap, you buy twice”. It really is evident by the consideration taken in designing this terrarium that the expertise provided by European herpetologists in its concept stage were well implemented. The Exo Terra Natural Glass Terrarium also has the added benefits of other quality products that are a perfect fit for this particular terrarium.

The size of your vivarium will also affect the heating. You’ll need to take this into consideration and remember to adjust the heating to fit the size of your bearded dragon vivarium. Find out more in the bearded dragon setup page.

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