Things to consider when setting live plants for your aquarium

Bored of synthetic plants on your aquarium? It is time to upgrade and evolve with nature; live aquarium plants are nowadays booming amongst the fish lovers. Planted aquarium tank creates good habitat for fish and also visually soothing to the eyes. Numerous choices are available on plants and every plants has different effects on aquarium. There are few things you have to look after once you have decided to try out the live plants on your aquarium. If you are presumptuous, this article helps you explore better knowledge about choosing the live aquarium plants.

The following are the things you have to look after once you have decided to plant live aquarium plants.

  1. Size:

Consider the maximum size the plants can reach and correlate with your aquarium. When the maximum size exceeds the size of your aquarium, it is better to reconsider the plants. There are many options available on plants and researching on plants does offers you clear ideas about procuring the right one. Aquarium mini pellia is one of the common choices of people.

  1. Substrate:

Yes, every plants needs better place to lay their roots and evolve. Some aquarium plants needs sands for few inches while the others can rely on pebbles or terracotta stones even a small piece of wood is enough to evolve. Depends on the needs of the plants, try the substrate.

  1. Lighting:

Lighting is one of the prominent thing to look after. Every plants badly need sunlight like their substrate and food to evolve. Try to place the aquarium where the natural sunlight penetrates the aquarium and reaches the plants.

  1. Fish type:

Certain fish eats the plants and this is why you have to choose the plants according to the type of fish in your aquarium. Some plants even grow above water. Double check either the plant suits your aquarium or not.

  1. Water:

The water in which the plants grows decides a lot about the health of the plant and its growth level. The temperature of water must lies between 72 to 78 degree Fahrenheit, which is considered optimal. pH of water is another thing to look after, maintain the pH between 6.8 to 7.8. Water hardness is also plays a huge role in the development of the plants. Using freshwater is an ideal option that makes a way for plant’s good growth.

When buying the plants, make sure you are procuring from trusted seller. Because the plants might have harmful bacteria, snail eggs inside which contaminates the aquarium. Buying them from reputed sellers helps you avoid such problems and it doesn’t affect the environment inside aquarium and fish’s life.

Online shopping offers wide range of options to procure the live aquarium plants. Compared to your traditional shops, online shopping markets gives you more options. You can even compare the price and cut down some of your cost. This is why people have to consider them. To avoid making blunders, spend time on reading the reviews, it helps you double check that you are investing your money and time on the right product.

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