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A Beginner’s Guide To Rabbit Grooming

Are you a new owner of a bunny? If your answer is yes, then you will have to prepare for a lot of things. Lot of new owners don’t know the right basics of grooming a bunny. To make sure your bunny doesn’t have to go through any issues, below we have compiled a guide to groom your bunny in the perfect manner.

Brushing their hair

Do you want your rabbit to have a healthy coat? If you are wondering as to how can you do just that, let us tell you that all you have to do is brush them regularly. Bear in mind that your bunny’s skin is very sensitive, so use the brush in a gentle manner so that they enjoy the regular brushing sessions.

You would be relieved to know that you don’t need special brushes for them and can use brushes made for cats too. Just be careful and check the label to ensure your bunny’s skin won’t get hurt with that bristle brush.

Depending upon the length of your bunny’s hair, the number of brushing sessions will vary. Generally, a bunny with short hair has to be brushed once a week. But if they’re shedding, brush them daily.

On the other hand, a long-haired bunny has to be groomed daily and trimmed regularly, as their coat is likely to suffer from matting and hairballs. Just be careful when you are trimming your bunny, as their skin is very thin. Also, ensure that they don’t shake themselves when you are trimming around their hock area. You can get it done using some cheap safety scissor for rabbits fur that has rounded ends saving your bunny from accidental nicks.

If your bunny’s coat gets a little matty, do not attempt to get rid of the knots using scissors. Instead, remove the tangles by separating and combing the hair in a gentle manner. Remember, one knot at a time. Ensure that you are not using force to see to it their skin isn’t getting pulled. But if the matts are very notorious, it might take several brushing sessions to get rid of them. And if you are not able to get rid of them on your own, take them to a professional groomer. Their electric clippers can get the job done in a matter of seconds.

Trimming nails

Add trimming nails to your bunny’s grooming schedule, if you haven’t done it yet. While you are brushing your bunny, check their claws and trim them if you find them a bit long. This will not only prevent your bunny’s nails from snagging, but also keep you and your furniture away from scratches. Ensure that you are not cutting their nails too short causing them to bleed and leaving your buddy in severe pain for a few days. If you cut your bunny’s nails too short, hop over to a vet and get them treated fast.


A good news that comes from the wonderland: unless your rabbit has fleas or mites, or has a stinky smell, you don’t need to dunk them in a tub. In fact, bunnies are not used to water, and they feel stressful if you even take them near to it.

So, if you find any dirt on them, use a spot cleaning method to get rid of the stain. But, if that dirty blot is too stubborn, you may have to bathe your bunny. Also, remember that their double coat doesn’t dry off fast, which means you have to use a blow dryer (use only the warm setting) to hasten the process. Ensure you are keeping a safe distance between the blow dryer and your bunny by checking their reactions.

Lookout for bugs

While you are grooming your bunny, you also get a chance to check for any signs of illness. See how your bunny responds to your touches at particular areas. Are there any signs of baldness and skin irritations? If there are, they could have caused by ringworm and mites, torn skin or discharge from nose and eyes. If you find something unusual down their coat, rush them to your vet.

Checking their teeth

While you are busy brushing their hair and checking their skin, do not forget their teeth. Pay attention to rabbit’s teeth as they have a tendency to grow continuously. Check your bunny’s teeth regularly to prevent their incisors and molars (front and cheek teeth) from getting elongated. One more thing you should know is, molars can be formed on overgrown teeth if they don’t get worn down by chewing hard surfaces. To make sure your bunny’s teeth are well trimmed, give them a clock of wood once in a while.

Remember, a well groomed bunny means a happy bunny!

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