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Tips to Help Calm Your Pets during Storms

As a child, we always feared thunderstorms and took cover under our mom’s arms whenever they struck the skies. Now imagine our pets going through the same panic every time the cloud rumbles. As per veterinary clinic Virginia Beach doctors, a thunderstorm can cause a pet to go in a state of panic. The bright flashes that accompany storms can scare your pet pals, and stress them out.

To make sure your pet remains calm during bad weather, it is essential to understand what makes them turn anxious when a bolt of lightning struck.

Why do most pets hate storms?

Several research and studies have proved that storm phobia is real and affect pets. Once a storm starts, your usual docile pet can get all frantic and anxious in no time. Why your pet gets all agitated during a storm can be due to:

  • During a storm build up, cats and dogs experience painful static shocks
  • The loud rumbling sound causes stress in the pets and turns them anxious
  • Due to a change in atmospheric pressure, older pets may experience joint pain
  • In most cases, pets mimic our actions. If you get scared of sudden lightning, you might copy you.

How can you make your pet more comfortable during a storm?

To avoid emergency visit to VA beach vet hospital, keep these tips in mind:

Safe place: Just like humans, pets tend to take cover under a safe spot during a dangerous situation. When dogs and cats get frightened, they may hide in the laundry or a room which is completely isolated from the sound so that they can escape the static shocks. Identify places in your house where your pet can take shelter during a storm.

Home alone: Whenever there is a storm approaching, make sure you are home with your pet. This will ensure that they are watched after well. Try to distract their attention from the storm by keeping them engaged in a play. If you see any sign of distress or discomfort, consult a doctor. In case you are unable to reach home to your pet, ask a friend or family member to check on your pet.

Keep them occupied: Keeping your pet distracted from the storm can help them ease the anxiety. Keep them occupied in a play to shift their attention from the storm. Play soothing music to calm their nerves. You can even use the music to cover the sound of the thunderstorm.

Keep your pet indoors: if your pet enjoys spending most of his time outdoors, move him inside till the storm lasts. Doing so will keep them from harm’s way.

Wear them out: The best way to keep your pet stress-free during the storm is wearing them out right before the storm hits. Take your pet on a long walk or play with them until they get too tired to worry about anything else.

Seek help from your vet: Even after doing everything possible, you are unable to keep your pet relaxed, seek professional advice from your vet. Your vet may give some pills or therapy to help your pet.

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