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Warning Signs of Dog Depression & What to Do to Cher Him Up

Dogs can get depressed, just like people. And symptoms are pretty similar too. If you notice change in energy levels or other behavioral changes take your canine to the vet, just to be sure it is not a medical issue. If that’s not the case, the problem is probably you have a new baby in the house and can’t spend as much time with your first baby as you used to, you got a new puppy and he doesn’t feel like he gets enough affection from you or they lost someone.  Keep on reading if you want to know all the signs of dog depression.

Warning Signs of Dog Depression

Clear Signs Your Canine is Depressed

Canine depression is pretty similar to human depression, signs are almost the same.

Appetite Loss

To say that dogs eat a lot would be an understatement, but they eat when they are happy. If you notice they lost interest in food, know that they are extremely sad.

They Sleep All the Time

Dogs sleep a lot, but this usually happens when you’re not home. If you leave your dog alone for a long time, let’s say you were working and you return home and your canine isn’t reacting to your presence, he is clearly depressed. Of course, take him to the vet to rule out a chance that he is physically not well or in pain.

Loss of Interest

If your dog all of a sudden loses interest in playing and walking and doing other things that would normally excite him means that he suffers from dog depression.

Paw Licking

All dogs chew and lick their paws. But excessive licking and chewing is on the other hand another sign of sadness and depression.

Avoidance and Hiding

Dogs tend to hide in a closet or similar places where they can’t be touched or seen. This means “Leave me be, I want to be alone”, however since its dog we’re talking about, not a cat, this is another alarming symptom of depression.

What to Do to Cheer Him Up

If a vet states that your dog physically healthy there are some things you can do to cheer your buddy up.

  1. Take Frequent Walks and wash your dog with antifungal shampoo for yeast infection

Get up half an hour earlier, and take your four legged friend on an early morning walk, when the sun is shining. Dogs are usually depressed when they feel like they are losing you to a baby or another pet, or like I mentioned they may actually suffered a loss. Take him to a place that you know he loves to go, or find some new place for him to explore.

  1. Reward Desired Behavior

So whenever you get your dog to go for a walk or after short training session you can reward him with a treat. But do not reward your canine for displaying behavior you’re trying to stop. It can encourage him to continue with that, and you’re to blame.

  1. Give it Time

It ‘ll take you some time and patience, but if you provide your dog with enough love and attention, and when he starts feeling appreciated he will get back to his normal self again.

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