5 Things You’re Definitely Going to Want to Buy for Your New Puppy

Per the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), an estimated 44 percent of U.S. households own a dog. Pet ownership is a joyous experience that requires owners to pet-proof their houses.

Owners should create a safe, cozy space for their pet to play and rest. A crucial part of pet safety is removing hazards from each room in the house. People should keep cleaning agents and chemicals out of pets’ reach. Taping down, moving, or replacing loose electrical cords and removing potential choking hazards protects all your pets, dogs included.

New puppy owners should encourage their fur-babies to sniff areas around the house, allowing them to establish familiarity and comfort. Each household member should participate in crate trainingelimination, and obedience training, and prioritize bonding with the new addition. When owners spend time with their new puppy and participate in pet care and chores, it gives the dog a chance to forge relationships based on trust and loyalty with everyone who will take care of them.

Creating a routine that includes essential activities such as baths, veterinarian visits, going for walks, playing, and feeding them ensures that households will have smooth adjustments to a four-legged friend’s presence.

Knowing a puppy’s feeding schedule, what dog food brand they eat, and how much they should have in one sitting is essential to their growth and development.

A critical aspect of pet-proofing a house is buying essential items that will impact a new puppy’s everyday living as they grow into a dog. Some necessities include collars and identification tags, crates, food, treats, food and water bowls, dog beds, and shampoo.

Collars and Harnesses

Collars and identification tags with contact information on them can help others reunite dogs with their owners if they’re lost. Attaching a collar to a harness may be more beneficial than attaching a collar to a leash. Harnesses are more comfortable, as they prevent dogs from straining their necks. The best dog harnesses, such as those produced by Joyride Harness, provide comfort to small dogs and big dogs alike.

Joyride Harness’s products use side-ring technology to prevent pulling and neck strain, which allows pooches and dog owners to have enjoyable walks. And the EZ Grip Handle gives owners more control during walks. These high-quality, durable harnesses come in various colors, so pet owners can pick ones that suit their dog’s personality. The reflective material included in these harnesses is a great safety feature that increases visibility during night walks.


An appropriately sized crate can be a puppy’s secure place to themselves where they can’t ruin furniture when their owners aren’t home. Such areas should be big enough for them to turn around, stand up, and lie down, but be small enough that they won’t have an accident inside.

Food and Water Bowls

Once owners find a veterinarian-recommended dog food brand that suits their puppy, they must purchase food and water bowls. Stainless steel dog bowls are healthier, as they don’t collect as much bacteria over time compared to plastic.

Dog Beds

Pet owners should keep a dog bed in each room to provide maximum comfort in the house and give dogs safe, cozy places to retreat.


Routine exercise has health benefits for pups and owners. New toys for dogs to play with are excellent purchases. Dogs love squeaking toys, balls, and toys for tugging and chasing. The safest toys are those that don’t contain small parts that could choke pups.

Pet ownership is an experience that produces many exciting and treasured memories, which owners can preserve through photos and videos. Owners should purchase a smart home device that allows them to save the pictures they take. A photo manager like ibi that has 1 TB of storage space is an excellent buy considering how many photos people have of their fur-babies. This device allows people to save and share their photos through social media, phones, computers, and more.

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