Best X-Ray Machines for Animals

X-ray are a form of radiation. They behave as a light rays, but at much shorter wavelengths. They are electromagnetic waves but they are more bouncing so that they can penetrate many materials. An X-ray machine is primarily a camera instead of visible light.

The first X-ray device was discovered accidently in 1895 by the German scientist Wilhelm Roentgen. He found that a cathode-ray emitted invisible rays that could penetrate wood and paper.

The rays cause a screen of fluorescent material several yards away to go. The most important application of the X-rays has been is used in medicine field. An X-ray machine was used to diagnose bone fractures and injuries.

Intriquip carries multiple options of new veterinary X-ray system for vet, animals health and laboratory use. Here we are introducingsome x-rays units for animals.

X-ray Units for Portable X-ray Imaging

AmadeoMonoblock X-ray Unit

High quality x-ray images are no longer a problem for portable Monoblock X-ray units. By using standard power connection (220v\110v) high frequency technology offers high performance. Its low weight and user friendly. This X-ray machine with a digital system enable various fields of application in equine clinics.

  • AmadeoP-90\20vb- Portable batteryMonoblock X-ray Unit

Long-Lasting,Portable, Light weight (6-7 kg including battery), ideal for equine veterinarians Collimator with increased brightness.

  • AmadeoP-100\20HB- Portable battery Monoblock X-ray Unit

Equipped with a high power rechargeable Battery, x-ray unit(11-11.5 kg) including battery, Long-lasting battery life

  • AmadeoP-100\35HB- Portable battery Monoblock X-ray Unit

Light weight, battery operated X-ray unit, (13-14 kg) including battery, high power rechargeable Battery, PROM memory, battery status indicator and dual laser collimator.

  • AmadeoP-110\100H- PortableMonoblock X-ray Unit

Moderan LED light, High performance capacitor, nonstop operation, (19-20 kg)including battery, power requirements 5.0 KW

  • AmadeoP-125\100VB- PortableMonoblock X-ray Unit

Lithium battery 32,4V sufficient for approx. 100 shots (50kV), charging time 4 hour, standby time 7 hourand (18-19kg) including battery.

GIERTH HF ULTRA LIGHT high frequency X-ray unit

  • GIERTH HF 80/20 ULTRA LIGHT high frequency X-ray unit

Full wave inverter system, high frequency X-ray unit, (6.5 kg) including battery, ideal for radiological examinations in equine veterinary clinics.

  • GIERTH TR 90/20 battery-operated high frequency X-ray unit

A high powered and wireless unit, (6.8 kg) including battery, 20mA at 100kHz power, ideal for extremity X-rays.

  • GIERTH TR 90/30 – battery-operated high frequency X-ray unit

Maximum power, minimum size, (only 6.5 kg) with full-wave inverter system, ideal for radiological examinations in equine veterinary clinics.

  • GIERTH RHF 200 ML – battery-operated high frequency X-ray unit

The all-purpose high frequency X-ray unit for veterinary clinics, A new generationwith greater performance, (only 11.2 kg), shorter exposure times, reduced harmful Beta radiation, ideal for small animal and equine clinics.

  • RTH HF 400 with dual laser pointer and rotating collimator

The powerhouse among the portable HF X-ray units, (21.8 kg), including light beam collimator and dual laser pointer, high powered HF X-ray unit with full-wave inverter system, max. Frequency 100 mA.

Wireless radiography with the incredibly light and compact X-raysuitcase system

The combination of a portable Amadeo P-AX producer and the Leonardo suitcase solution establishes a perfect cooperation for mobile X-ray especially outdoors. The newest model in our Leonardo sequence, the solid and multipurpose Leonardo DR mini II, associations X-ray detector technology with a high-performance gaining and diagnostic software. Weighing only 8.9 kg, the system is one of the lightest suitcase X-ray solutions universal. The Leonardo DR mini II is designed for use in confined spaces as well as in the field, making it ideal for modern veterinarians. It is one of the best veterinary x rays equipment.

Lightweight, portable and digital X-ray system in a backpack

In mixture with a portable Amadeo P-AX generator you have aexcellent solution for mobile X-ray imaging, especially for horse medics and mixed veterinary performs. The Leonardo DR Nano consists of two mechanisms only, a wireless X-ray detector and a tablet PC/notebook. Weighing only approx. 8 kg (complete package, bag incl. tablet PC, accessories and 12″ x 10″ flat panel detector), the system is one of the brightest portable X-ray solutions worldwide.

Leonardo DR pico: Light-weight X-ray bag with detector & notebook

Contented, sturdy X-ray bag – also suitable as accept bag or backpack – only with X-ray sensor and notebook: The 17″ notebook and the X-ray detector 12″ x 10″ (30 x 24 cm) with protection box are very space-saving and well-padded in the robust bag. With a whole weight of only approx. 7.1 kg, the Leonardo DR pico can be easily transported to any location. The near x-ray bag is also appropriate for motionless use in veterinary performs or horse clinics.

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