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As owning some kinds of pets are a very much usual fact in more than 90% of the people of the United States of America, simultaneously traveling with the pets is also a familiar scenario in most of the pet parents. However, the shipping or transporting pets are completely different from human transportation. Traveling with pets as well as transporting them is indeed a very tedious and nerve-wracking task. The entire process needs proper advance planning with adequate precautions.

Whereas short distance moving or traveling across the country with your pet can be a bit easier of course if you have your own vehicle to move forward, otherwise to ship your pet to a long distant location or in case of cross country traveling you must require to plan your pet’s shipment professional pet transport services. In addition, to hire a suitable service for your pet, you should have proper knowledge about the ins and outs of the whole professional pet transportation procedure.

Moreover, to choose the right service for your fondle you must consider to check a few specific qualities of the certain pet transport service. Research thoroughly upon your particular hired pet relocation service before handing over your adorable baby animal to any unknown source. Before appointing a pet transport service you must assure that the certain company is legally registered by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and also an active member of the International pet’s and animal transportation association (IATA). Along with that there are few more criterias that should be fulfilled to become a good pet shipping service. Here are some of the characteristics of an ideal pet transport company listed below:

  • Check the IATA affiliation of transporta company
  • USDA and BBB registration
  • Awareness of shipping different types of animals along with the particular state and country’s customs as well as pet transport policies and restrictions
  • Service types
  • Experience
  • Affordability
  • Reputation and previous customer reviews and ratings
  • Customer service communication

Possession of the above stated features can ensure pet’s safety and security during transportation to your designated location.

Along with that, in this article we are going to provide you with a brief description of a few professional pet transportation companies that might be helpful if you are planning to travel or transport your pet.

Here you go:

Citizen Shipper

Citizen Shipper is the top most pet shipping service with 4.8 customer ratings out of 5. They transport all kinds of skittish animals at an affordable price and also manage every single requirement that might be needed for shipping pets along with assisting your pet with an experienced pet attendant and vet.

Happy Tails Travel

“Shipping your pets by air with care” used to be the main tagline of this US based shipping company and they have been serving since 1995. With the experience of more than 22 years they ensure cent percent security of any kind of your pet during transportation. After hiring the entire responsibility is handled by the company personnel with care and the service is really budget friendly.

Pet Chauffeur

With 20 years old membership of the IATA pet chauffeur allows you to ship your pet to anywhere in the USA in the easiest and the fastest possible way. They transport both domestically and internationally and take care of entire shipping requirements along with climate control minivans, vet consultations and many more.

Pet travel transport is one the oldest members of the USDA and IATA. This global pet transport company provides services all over the world at a very cheap cost and sometimes provides free services in case of short distance shipping within the US.

Airports America

Whether it is a domestic shipping or an international move, every pet shipping is equally important for Airports America as they believe in the motto that there is no pet that they are not able to make reach at home. Moreover, their drivers are TSA certified and the pet attendants are very efficient to handle any type of pet (domestic or wild) with care.

Air Animal

Air Animal is a veterinarian-found transport company headquartered in Florida. A navy family has been running the company while they are moving from Australia to the USA permanently and later on they extended their service covering more than 225 IATA endorsed cargo airlines. You can log in to their website for details and purchase your service.

Animals Away

Animals Away is a 20 years old IATA accredited pet shipping service based in Seattle and also looks after all the legal requirements regarding pet shipping from the head offices situated in the different states of the USA. Their service is very much cost effective and they possess the experience of shipping over 50,000 different pet animals globally with a complete security system.

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