Are There Region-Specific Threats To Dogs Across America?

A major deterrent to most of those who contemplate taking on an animal to be a pet is that the animal may by some reason die. This is not an unwarranted concern, of course. We the living of the physical world all have the common enemy called Death! And the potential culprits that can bring it about are surely several! Nevertheless, those who aren’t content with permitting fear of what isn’t even yet materialized keeping them from the joys and benefits of having a pet will press forward with positivity and hope to enjoy the pet that they will choose. Herein, we will be narrowing down our focus a bit to zoom in on the drooling, panting, barking option of the usual two possibilities for a pet in our culture, the other being feline. 

An incredible and impressive variety of dogs are with us on this Earth! There is, after all, the Poodle, also the Pomeranian, also the equally small, cute Tibetan breed known as Lhasa Apso. But then there is the larger tapered-snout German Shepherd so prized not only as a family play pal but as a formidable defensive animal. Likewise, according to the “weight and bite to go along with the bark” category the Shepherd is in, there are these contenders: the Doberman Pinscher, the Rottweiler, the Bulldog, and so on. But, no matter the dog breed, again, as we acknowledged above, we are still faced with the possibility of our breathing furry friend being under the threat of something that can either injure or kill him or her. And the responsibility to protect and otherwise care for Shadow or Muffin does rest on the shoulders of the owner. That said, aren’t particular dangers extant in particular geographical areas and thus in whichever region a dog owner lives in with pooch? Absolutely! Let us see, therefore, if regarding the USA, mainland and territories, we can contemplate the concept of potential regional threats. 

Potential Threats to Canines Across America 

A veterinarian in seattle may see more dogs being brought into the office for winter-chill related illnesses and difficulties than a Pensacola veterinarian would, even though temperatures can plummet considerably in northern Florida. California has rattlesnakes and massive grizzlies, but, ironically, a South Carolina raccoon afflicted with rabies could prove more deadly to a dog bitten and untreated. Urban areas will have roadways with vehicles zooming back and forth. And we know criminality recognizes no boundaries, so rural territory may also present considerable malicious dangers to your dog. Manufactured dog food? Yes, serious health issues can be posed thereby, too. 

This article cannot name and explore in detail every threat by state and not become more like a booklet, but it’s enough to raise awareness that indeed there are threats specific to American regions, that some types of dogs may do better than others in particular regions, and that, all this considered, pre-emptive consultation with an amiable and knowledgeable veterinarian may prove helpful in making related decisions. All the best in further research and happy pooching!

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