Getting Over The Loss Of A Pet

One of the hardest things I ever had to do was say goodbye to my best friend Charlie. He was only with me for about 15 years. The memories we shared will go on with me forever. Even if I get a new pet, I don’t think anything could replace the friendship I shared with Charlie. When I spoke to my veterinarian, she gave me a few pointers on how to handle the loss of my pet. She told me I could find someone to talk to, don’t let myself feel guilty, and take the time I need to get over him. 

Finding Someone To Talk To 

If you don’t have anyone in your life that is mourning your pet with you, perhaps you could talk to other family members who have a pet of their own. They might be able to sympathize with you if they remember how the pet was a big part of your life. If you don’t have a family member to share your feelings with you can also visit the dog park. There are other people there, and there is definitely someone there who has lost a pet, or would take the time to listen to you about what you are feeling for your pet. If your grief is only getting worse or you just can’t move on, you should consider talking with a therapist. 

Don’t Let Yourself Feel Guilty 

Anytime we lose a loved one, whether it’s a pet or a person, we can’t help but feel like we should’ve done something differently. More visits, more walks, and more talks are things that feel like missed opportunities once it’s too late. The reality is, there is nothing different you could’ve done to save your pet’s life, unless you neglected to get them help right away in an emergency situation. My case wasn’t like that, my dog was fine, and only suffered from old age issues. His day was going to come eventually, and what I failed to do was properly prepare myself. As soon as I saw his condition worsening I contacted my vet littleton co for a final visit. 

Take The Time You Need 

No one gets over death overnight. Remember your furry friend’s best times. Look at old photographs, videos, or memories, and try to appreciate the time you had your pet in your life. Be grateful that you’ve been able to impact a life, and you’ve had something that impacted your life as well. 

Even if we don’t start off a pet people, we can learn to love a furry companion just by spending time with them and taking care of them. Caring is a form of investing in a person, no matter the way you sacrifice. You will find in return that your pet is happy to be able to count on you and they will always be ready to do something fun with you and make you happy. When the time comes for your pet to say goodbye, just be happy about the memories you shared. You can handle the loss by talking to someone, stopping yourself from feeling guilty, and taking the time you need.

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