Stay or Go? The Signs That Need Immediate Medical Attention and Those That Don’t

Cats and dogs are often essential to individuals, couples, and families. They are truly more of a family member than a pet. Pet owners thoroughly enjoy getting to care for, feed, walk and play with their pet. It is a stress reliever for many and the pet basks in the attention. It is a winning situation most of the time, but sometimes they experience health issues just like humans. Deciding whether or not to take your furry friend to the pet hospital can be a challenging decision, but with this simple guide, pet owners can feel confident that their choice is the right one. 


This is perhaps the most obvious option. If the pet is bleeding heavily, has a suspected broken bone, or appears to be severe pain then they need to get medical attention quickly. Smaller injuries such as a laceration that has already begun to clot can be cleaned and bandaged at home then taken in to be seen by a vet the next day. 


Many pets, especially pets, vomit even when they are not ill. Look for excessive vomiting, blood in the vomit, non-stop retching, or an inability to keep liquid down. That is when they need to be seen immediately at a pet hospital jacksonville fl. Common vomiting from overexcitement, overeating, or ingesting something that disagrees with the pet stomach is not emergency situations. 


A seizure can be caused by epilepsy or another serious health issue. Pets become restless, agitated, and might tremble before having a seizure. They can vary in length. Head to the pet hospital for help. 

Sudden Weakness 

Pet owners know their pet’s typical behavior better than anyone else. When the animal goes from regular activity to sudden lethargy there is usually an underlying problem. A day or two of observation will show if they need to be seen, but it doesn’t require attention immediately. 

Gasping or Bloated Stomach 

These two problems can be identified pretty easily and both can be emergencies. Difficulty breathing, gasping, choking sound, and bulging eyes are major problems. Check for a bloated or distended stomach if the pet isn’t acting right, especially if they are laying down a lot it wouldn’t be immediately available. 


If it seems like a pet just cannot stop coughing, hacking, or if they aren’t able to catch their breath before another coughing fit there is a medical issue. A smaller or an occasional cough is not an emergency but shouldn’t be ignored. Coughing requires treatment because there are many possible causes. 

Taking care of a furry friend is companionship where the pet depends on their owner. It is challenging to know when to head to the pet hospital or when it can wait. Injury, vomiting, seizures, gasping, bloated stomach, and coughing requires immediate attention. Sudden weakness should be observed for a few days. Use this guide to know when to wait it out or jump in.

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